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Blockbusters Gang is a production and marketing service provider in the media industry, formed by a network of freelancers. BBG joins the capabilities of hard working professionals to help the client to complete their production more easily through one channel. We can be the last-minute rescue or start with the crew from the very first meetings. You can book our forces both as individuals and as a full ready-to-go team.

We are all that stands between you and the end of the world (a bad production).


Our Gang has a fresh approach to the business. We build our service flexibly to fit your needs. We are passionate, motivated and ambitious. We want to rock the field and make your production a well-functioning, solid project to work in. We go all in – whether it’s a large-scale production or a small-size scheme. And let’s be honest: when we see the possibility of being a part of a great project, we are not too heavy for a tight budget. We trust each other and we share the same values: ambition, desire to work in the best way possible, respect towards everyone involved. This makes us your trustworthy partners in crime.


Our permanent Blockbusters are media industry full-timers who have a vision of working in the field and who constantly develop their own special skills further. We call our most recent member additions as Newcomers and student members as Juniors. We hope to see all of them rocking our team as permanent gang members after their first trial period - because they are all hand-picked and we want them!

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We do not have an open application platform as so far we’ve found our members from our past projects. However, we are always interested in meeting new people, so if you feel that BBG could be your thing, go ahead and come by at our office or send us an email. We’d be glad to hear about you, and maybe we could see if there is a project where we could work together. Get in touch!


None of our members or services have one fixed price tag. Logically, our remuneration depends on the length
and type of the project, level of responsibility, amount of members included and other components.

Are you interested in hiring an employee or buying services?

The best way is to send your contact request to or call to +358 40 5542086.
This way we can build a team and create an offer to meet your specific needs.

Do you wish to hire a specific BBG member?

You can contact any of our members directly if you wish to - their contact information can be found here on the Members page.
All members are allowed to fix their own prices with any clients, so hiring them is super quick and easy.

Contact us and let’s find a win-win solution. We are negotiable and already waiting for your request.

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Blockbusters Gang Oy
Luotsikatu 13
00160 Helsinki
+358 40 5542086

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Who are the associates and founders of this network?

Emma Ilves

CEO, Founder, Head of Marketing
+358 40 5542086

Before founding Blockbusters Gang Emma had lived in Paris, almost completed her business studies and been running web stores and sales in a couple of different companies. After becoming part of the Iron Sky team in 2013, she has been focusing on marketing and sales in media business. Emma is always trying to challenge the traditional film marketing and distribution by adapting the best practices learnt from other industries to it, and she is continuously searching for new ways and point of views to keep up with the changing environment.

Emma works mostly in projects related to crowdfunding or crowdsourcing or consulting in marketing, distribution or sales issues. She has also done a lot of campaign planning, social media and sponsorship coordination. In the network Emma is in charge of finances, marketing and sales and is constantly looking for new ways to make it bigger, better and more powerful.

Iiris Juutilainen

COO, Founder, Head of Production
+358 50 4065704

Iiris completed her first job as an assistant director in the age of 14 and her first feature film as the 1st AD had it’s theatrical premiere before she turned 18. After working in multiple different positions in film production Iiris has mainly been working with script breakdowns, production plans, schedules and running shoots as production crew lead. In January 2015 Iiris was the first Finnish AD and youngest participant ever in Production Value - European Scheduling & Budgeting Workshop.

Iiris’ goal is to be an essential part of taking the culture of working in film and TV to the next level. She has a passion for both teaching and learning and pays a lot of attention to helping out industry newcomers to fulfill their dreams. Logically this is what interests Iiris in Blockbusters Gang as well - besides building up the best possible crew for the future.

... and we could not have done it alone. BBG’s original quartet has expanded to 17 members in just over three years - thanks to them, we are now more capable than ever to work with things we love!

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Are you an indie film-maker?

Many BBG members have a strong background in indie films and are always happy to help out passionate productions. As professionals, we can share a lot of information and knowledge that could be useful in your production and its workflow. Due to our own previous projects, we understand low budgets and hope to be able to offer win-win solutions to amateur or beginner film-makers, and new start-ups as well.

If you have a project in pre-production, are planning a crowdfunding campaign, want to send your film to international film festivals, wonder about how to execute new methods during shoots or wish to reorganise your crew to function better, we can offer you help and advice, or even come and work through the daily challenges with you. Contact us and let us know what you’re up to!