What we do

Blockbusters Gang is a staffing, production and marketing service provider in the media industry, formed by a network of freelancers.

We’re not a production company - we help all productions (mostly film, TV and commercials) by offering reliable staff who are motivated and have kick-ass attitude towards working in the industry. We also offer full service packages on for example casting and marketing, and some equipment too. All our services are invoiced at once - no more battling with the employment procedures and tax cards with each hired person. BBG freelancers are all only one call away, so remember who you gonna call..!


Our mission is to make your project productive and well-functioning by recruiting the most suitable Gang members in it. We know our members and their skills and make sure the recruitment is as risk-free as possible.

We can either be the last-minute rescue or start from the very first meetings. You can book our forces both as individuals and as a full ready-to-go team. Our services are always fitted to your special needs. Compromises can be made - as long as the terms are equal to the whole crew.

We love challenges and solving complex situations. We are all that stands between you and the end of the world (a bad production).


Call Emma, she knows everything (and when she doesn’t pick up, try the general office hotline).