How we work

Our aim is to work with a warm and personal touch. It’s important to us that the casting process is as transparent as possible and all performers will be treated equally no matter their background, experience or other qualities. We think key factor for this is open communication – we strive to keep informing the terms and conditions (eg. fees, royalties) and advancement of the process as clearly as possible to all applicants. Since starting to use our new database we’ve been able to keep all applicants informed once the process has been finished. We’re also committed to do our part on making sure casting through us will be done with diversity and inclusivity in mind.

If you have any additional questions please read through our FAQ here.

We’re asking all additional questions will be forwarded to our email address

Please note that our Casting Directors work as freelancers in project-basis, this means that between the projects, they might not be able to answer to email right away. If you’re message is urgent and requires instant reacting, please give us a notification via Facebook’s private message.