This is our traditional way of working: in practice, serving as a temporary work agency. You let us know what you need, and we find the best candidates, introduce them to you and if you find a suitable one or ones, negotiate the deal with you. After this, we take care of all paperwork, insurances and employment procedures and only send you an invoice for all costs – depending on the gig, this might be once a month or after the production, whatever we agree.

We can offer you a different price for the same work, depending on the terms and conditions of the agreement – e.g. who covers for sick days.


We understand you might wish to hire workers directly for your own payroll. We’re still happy to help on the way by finding suitable people from our network for you to interview. If you decide to hire any of the people suggested by us, we charge you a separate recruitment fee of 15% of the worker’s monthly gross salary.


We want to make your project productive and well-functioning. Recruitment through us is as risk-free as possible, as we know our members and their skills. We’re also committed to increasing their knowledge and capabilities in order to evolve this industry to the next level. Besides creating our own Junior Program, we’re educating our professionals further in different workshops and training sessions.

We can offer you:
- an efficient and personal recruitment proces
– a broad understanding of different productions from promotional videos to international co-production features professional workers
– a guaranteed working ethic and experience to fulfil even challenging posts newcomers who’ve been trained by us
– people whom you’d not come across anywhere else a possibility of hiring a ready-to-go team instead of finding a good group yourself tools for our workers: e.g. a casting database, an office space, walkies and catering supplies for rent one invoice to cover everything
– no more multiple pay checks, worker insurances, per diems, equipment rentals
– you name it if needed, our HR & Operations Coordinator Anni is always on hand to help out solving any problems.

Our services are always fitted to your special needs – we can either be the last-minute rescue or be involved in your production from the very beginning. Our freelancers are always hired on project basis instead of on permanent contracts, which means they have the freedom to pick the jobs and productions they are most motivated to work in.

They work as our employees (not subcontractors) – accruing the regular employee’s pension and receiving vacation compensation, sickness allowance and unemployment benefits. This means they have a more secure status compared to sole traders and “light entrepreneurs” – not that we don’t think entrepreneurship is a great option, but some freelancers want to focus 100% on their profession instead of running a business and handling the risks involved in it. For this reason, we are not the cheapest option in the market, though we’re up for fair compromises too. We simply believe that happy, equally treated workers yield better results.

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