The Program content has been created by BBG’s founders Emma Ilves and Iiris Juutilainen. Our past collaborators have been

  • Yellow Films
  • Veli
  • PCH
  • Kinos
  • Angel Films

Visiting lecturers have included Pessi Levanto, Niklas Harju & Ville Granroth, Mika Orasmaa, Hannu Hänninen, Essi Suomela, Julia Salmenoja and Monika Salakauskaite.

Do you have something to offer to our juniors’ education – as a company, organization, foundation or experienced filmmaker?
It could be anything: we’ve had people donating their time, skills, equipment or working spaces and giving tours at their headquarters or lectures of their journey in film. We’d love to talk about collaboration if you’re into getting on board!

I want to collaborate!