New members have joined the Gang!

We are excited to announce that three amazing new members have joined our Gang! Get to know them all by reading our little introduction below and hopefully by working with them in the future productions!

Katariina Korjus – Script Supervisor

Hi everyone, I’m Katariina! I’ve been working as a Script Supervisor since spring 2018. I originally intended to study screenwriting but at school I realized how much I loved working on set. I’m obviously detail-oriented and meticulous, but most of all, I’m interested in the content of the story being told. I have a high work ethic, and strive to do my best in every production. However, the most important thing, for me, is to be a reliable, friendly, and approachable co-worker – even (or especially) when working under pressure. Since my department is kind of a lonely one, I’m both grateful and proud to be part of The Gang!

Katariina joined our Gang already a couple months ago in June 2021. Right on the first meeting we found out how similarly we see the industry and got excited of an idea of a shared future in it. Katariina is a Script Supervisor with several years’ experience of both feature films and drama tv series. She’s a calm and understanding colleague and enjoys her work 100%. We are very excited to have another experienced Script Supervisor in our team. Welcome to the Gang Katariina!

Rebecca Ward – Production & AD Assistant

I’m really excited to be joining the BBG team! I’m an Actor and a Voiceover Artist from London where I’ve been working in the industry for over five years. I’ve got lots of skills working in theatre and film production as well as directing.

I’m a firm believer in the fact that it’s important to have experience in all aspects of film, both on and off camera. Each experience enriches the next and makes you appreciate how hard everyone works on set.

I moved to Helsinki in 2020 to build my international network in the film and TV industry. I’m passionate about all things on-screen and I can’t wait to get stuck into more productions. The Nordic film scene is a really exciting place to be working right now!

Rebecca Ward is quite a multitalent – here with us she works as Production and AD Assistant but she’s also a professional Actor/Voiceover Artist and has previously gained experience even as a Producer and Creative Director in a children’s theater in the UK. We think Rebecca’s versatile experience, positive energy and can-do attitude makes her a good addition to production and assistant directing teams. Rebecca speaks English natively and can also handle Finnish pretty well as a working language. Welcome to the Gang Rebecca!

Katariina Virtanen – Production Assistant / Hygiene Coordinator

Hello! My name is Katariina and I work as a Production Assistant and Hygiene Coordinator for Blockbusters Gang. I will graduate at the end of this year as a Media Assistant and I have Practical Nurse’s profession in my back pocket that is sure to be useful somehow in the media industry too. There are few productions behind that I’ve learned a lot about and looking forward to new experiences and challenges! I am very happy and thankful to be part of BBG.

Katariina Virtanen followed her passion by switching her profession as a Practical Nurse to the media industry as she started her Media Assistant studies in 2019. Now she’s about to finish her studies and has already gained quite a lot of field experience on the side as Production Assistant and Hygiene Coordinator on drama tv series. Katariina’s positive and productive attitude and her skills as a Practical Nurse makes her a perfect addition to our Gang and we see a lot of potential in her. Welcome to the Gang Katariina!