Tove Alfthan

Script Supervisor

Already experienced yet young filmmaker Tove is one of our top Script Supervisors.

Tove completed her BA studies in Scotland and after returning to Finland she quickly got work on local productions. She first worked as a Production Assistant and had a chance to both shadow and fill in for Script Supervisors before taking the responsibility in her first production as one. Once that was completed she didn’t have to go back to anything else – her place in film had been found.

Tove has mostly worked on TV series with a great range of genres – children’s shows, crime drama, youth series, romantic comedy, medical and daily series… you name it! Her abilities however aren’t limited to that as she also has feature and short films under her belt. As Tove has studied in English she’s a good choice for an international co-productions too. Due to her strong routine she’s ready to focus on even more challenging or complex projects. When Tove’s off set she’s also helped with transcriptions of films and TV series.

Crews and clients tend to like Tove due to her ability to work with anyone – she gets along with multiple different personality types and production formats. She’s also been described as calm, warm and professional. We could not agree better – Tove always spreads good vibes to people around her.


Shooting reports
Working hours reporting
Lined scripts


Finnish (native)
English (full professional proficiency)
Swedish (basics)

Education details

BA in Filmmaking and Screenwriting / University of the West of Scotland / Graduated 2018

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Selected works

Feature Films

There’s Something in the Barn / 74 Entertainment, Charades, Don Films / 2023 – dir. Magnus Martens
Hyväveli / Inland Film Company / 2022 – dir. Sami Laitinen
Kikka! / Komeetta / 2022 – dir. Anna Paavilainen

TV Series

Helsinki Syndrome S2 / Fisher King Production / TBA – dir. Juuso Syrjä, Marko Mäkilaakso – currently filming
Maria Kallio S2 / Jarowski Finland / 2023 – dir. Laura Joutsi
Onnela / Jarowski Finland / 2023 – dir. Jaakko Saariluoma
Evilside/ Whatevergroup / 2023 – dir. Jussi Hiltunen
Harjunpää S1 / ITV Studios Finland / 2022 – dir. Matti Kinnunen, Hanna Bergholm
Karkurit S1 / Yellow Film & TV / 2021 – dir. Jalmari Helander, Teppo Airaksinen, Saara Cantell
Syke S8 / Yellow Film & TV / 2020 – dir. Annika Grof, Toni Laine
Luuserit S1 / Komeetta / 2020 – dir. Anna Paavilainen
Jönneli S1 / TACK Films / 2020 – dir. Olli Mononen
Hotel Swan Helsinki S1 / Yellow Film & TV / 2020 – dir. JP Siili, Ulrika Bengts, Matti Kinnunen
Lelumesta S2 / Kaiho Republic / 2020 – dir. Laura Joutsi

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