Adventure AFM 2016 3/3: The Parties

It’s almost one month from AFM and time to memorise the fun part – parties! Truthfully speaking it’s not more or less fun than any other part of the festival. After 7 days of non-stop socialising, pitching yourself and the business, talking about Finland (and explaining it’s not Sweden and we might not know the one Finnish person Pekka who you met 20 years ago) and this year also politics – you might start to get tired to that part too. But networking at parties, and all other professional events, is very important – you never know who you’re going to meet or what amazing ideas inspirational talks might create. 

So here’s some moments from these inspirational, fun, tiering and fun, and fun events that happened everyday after the doors of the market had closed…

Sometimes one martini or margarita to get in the mood..! 

‘Paasaus’ aka passionate lecturing happened again: This time Emma demonstrated how Snapchat works! Teacher might have been more enthusiastic than the student…

Insurances are really important – and learning about them is a lot more fun in a terrace in warm LA night! Thanks for U.S. insurance company Momentous for the party!

And then there are the Finnish people, the crazy people. Picture reveals the vibe of that night! 

Here’s all about the adventure in AFM this year. Now already preparing for the festivals of 2017 – EFM is getting closer..! Can’t wait for all those adventures the year 2017 will bring! 



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