We’re the best We’re the professional We’re the only Blockbusters

What kind of value do you get by choosing our services? Why should you choose to hire workers through us or let us help you with other personnel services? Here’s what makes us different.

We want to make your project productive and well-functioning. 

We’re committed to increasing the knowledge and capabilities of freelancers in order to evolve this industry to the next level. Besides creating our own education programs, we offer professionals opportunities for further education in different workshops and training sessions. As the only industry operator we’ve started educating production assistants and assistant directors to meet the increasing demand. We’re constantly on the move, as is the film industry itself – looking into what’s coming and how to make sure we keep up with the changing environment.

We can offer you:

  • an efficient and personal recruitment process – a broad understanding of different productions from promotional videos to international co-production features
  • professional understanding of employment laws, collective agreements, contracts and common practices in the film industry
  • professional workers – a guaranteed working ethics and experience to fulfill even challenging posts
  • newcomers who’ve been trained by us – people whom you’d not come across anywhere else
  • people willing to switch careers or other wildcards – truly looking into your needs instead of being stuck with certain titles or experience
  • the possibility of hiring a ready-to-go team instead of finding a good group yourself
  • the possibility of booking tools for the workers: e.g. a casting database, an office space, walkies and catering supplies for rent
  • the possibility of one invoice to covering everything – no more multiple pay checks, worker insurances, per diems, equipment rentals – you name it
  • a responsible and well-functioning recruitment process for the freelancers as well 
  • top class customer service

We adapt our services to your special needs – we can either be the last-minute rescue or be involved in your production from the very beginning. We want to be flexible as filmmaking usually demands it.

We simply believe that film crew recruitment needs to be taken to a professional level.