The BBG Junior Program is a professional training program founded in January 2019 for film industry newcomers who are looking for further training before joining larger productions. It was founded to meet the need for providing more hands-on knowledge for interns and assistants in the industry and to raise their understanding of productions to a higher level.

The Program has had two six-month editions, during which the participants have been learning more of filmmaking by attending different lectures, visiting multiple production houses and working part time as interns with the gang. In total, 19 participants have started the program and 16 have graduated. During the Program, each participant has focused on a specific area of production or gathered general knowledge of projects and departments.

The lectures have included topics such as the film production process, work safety, communication in all of its forms, the basic duties of PAs in the field and more in-depth knowledge of logistics management, casting extras and creating production documents. The participants have also joined our teams for training days at our office and in film/commercial/TV shoots and had a separate training session on walkie communications. 

The Program’s first two editions were organized pro bono by our team and collaboration partners. 

The programs were led by BBG Founders Emma Ilves and Iiris Orasmaa. The visiting lecturers have included Pessi Levanto, Niklas Harju, Ville Granroth, Mika Orasmaa, Hannu Hänninen, Essi Suomela, Julia Salmenoja and Monika Salakauskaite.

Get to know better the past Juniors and read about their experiences of the program in our blog here.