Gang Membership

Our Gang consists of our “permanent freelancers” – people who we know, trust and continuously work with. Originally we only took in people whom we’d personally worked with and found to be great. Now we also trust recommendations and find rookies we can train ourselves for the industry. 

We are looking for people who are interested in working in media industry projects as freelancers, and we need crew especially for film, TV and commercial productions. For us, the main thing is to make sure you have the same attitude, motivation and values as we have. To you, we can offer:

  • our agents and their networks at your service (finding new interesting gigs, overseeing the contracts and handling negotiations with clients)
  • community of dozens of like-minded professionals
  • mentoring, advice and peer support (we’ve worked in the industry for a while, and we want to share any knowledge you could use – and introduce you to all others in our gang!)
  • all your pay checks from one employer (although you’d be working for multiple different clients)
  • opportunities for additional training and experiences in international events and film markets
  • a BBG email address, a mention on our website and promotional pics (with some cool BBG merch, of course)

There are two alternative ways of being a gang member:


We act as your agents and handle all your contracts for upcoming productions. We invoice clients (production companies) for your work on the project and are your official employer, paying your salaries, handling insurances, etc. We make sure your personal profile page and IMDb are always up to date. We meet you regularly and actively look for interesting productions to meet your wishes.


You take care of your own gigs – no matter if those were handled directly with production companies both directly or through us. You’re part of the community and get discount of all our events and training programs and can ask for mentoring or consultation on your contracts etc. for a small fee.

Our annual membership fee for 2023 is €150.

As a member (regardless of which of the above ways you choose), you’ll be offered work projects by us but you’re never obligated to accept them – you are always allowed to choose your own projects as freelancers normally do.