Who We Are

We are all that stands between you and the end of the world (a bad production).

Blockbusters Gang is a crewing service provider that operates in the media industry.

We’re not a production company – we help all kinds of media productions (mostly film, TV and commercials) by offering reliable, motivated staff in an easy and risk-free way. Our service can be customized to fit your needs and consists of staffing, recruiting and / or payroll services. We’ve got a permanent team of freelancers we call our Gang – and besides them we have a larger database of other industry professionals. To freelance filmmakers, we also offer agency services.

The most common way to work with us is to hire freelancers as temporary employees, meaning that the worker is on our payroll while working on your production, under your supervision. We take care of all the employer responsibilities, while you can focus on finishing the film instead of battling with employment procedures and tax cards. 

We aim to perform with top professional quality and to keep the industry growing by constantly looking for newcomer workers, educating our current gang and taking care of the freelancers’ well-being. Read more about our values here.

Besides running the crew services through this brand we offer a variety of casting services via Helsinki Casting. Get to know those better here!

All our services are invoiced all at once – and all our freelancers are only one call away!