Filmmaking itself is a privilege – and we hope we can lead the way by bringing more color, vision, stories and people to it. Many of our workers have joined us early in their career – some straight out of school or even without any further education. We’ve given them opportunities based on their motivation – and hope we can encourage our clients to see beyond workers’ age, gender, background or looks. For us, a professional is always a professional.

Besides this, we want to be as transparent to our workers and clients as possible. It’s not always easy – talking about money never is – but we’re committed to do our best and make it more normal for everyone. 

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Throughout BBG’s journey, we’ve adapted our business to our growing understanding of filmmaking and to fit international productions’ needs. The world is our playground – we’re never ready but always willing to expand. We’ve had our workers in productions on four different continents and hope their skills and knowledge will take this team and the Nordic film industry to another level.

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We employers have a responsibility to make sure our employees feel safe mentally, physically and financially. We’re determined to make sure filmmakers and freelancers too can have a good night’s sleep without living in constant worry of survival. We pay extra attention to making sure all our contracts are based on fair conditions. We also offer occupational health care as well as guidance with working life challenges to all our employees. 

We’re focused on making our company as friendly to our planet as possible and try to educate all our workers towards more sustainable filmmaking. Besides setting policies, this requires ground level work – and we hope our vision and willingness will inspire you to do the same in your productions.

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We strongly believe in sharing knowledge. After a couple of years of work, we first launched the concept of “BBG Coaching” in collaboration with Uneton48. Later we have founded our own training programs: BBG Junior Program and BBG AD Bootcamp. Each year, we offer our members opportunities for further training on multiple subjects. Besides training our gang, our founders are also regular speakers and teachers in many of Finland’s film schools. 

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