BBG AD Bootcamp

Due to the massive demand for professional Assistant Directors and the difficulties in finding suitable candidates to fill open positions in Nordic productions, we established the BBG AD Bootcamp in 2022. It aims to go one step further and show how Assistant Director’s can support the design and artistic work of their colleagues to enable higher quality content to be created.

Our AD Bootcamp started as a one-time pilot course and has now formed into an umbrella under which we provide further training in Assistant Directing in multiple different ways.

None of the trainings alone give qualifications for a particular job role. Instead, depending on the content they give the participants better awareness of other departments’ needs, an overview of the job and an understanding of how to do the work. It helps them grasp what will be required of them in the role of an AD. Instead of having to learn everything on their first day in the job, they are given a skills-based overview of the work process to prepare them for the job.

We’re constantly evolving our content and hope to be able to share our knowledge further and learn more from other AD cultures in the coming years.

88% of the participants felt the Bootcamp provided them better positioning in the job market

88% of the participants felt better prepared for upcoming work after the Bootcamp

100% of the participants felt their expectations were met or exceeded

According to anonymous questionnaire for the participants of BBG AD Bootcamp 2022 answered by 17 of 19 participants.

”Teachers were true professionals and had the most up-to-date knowledge from the field. Felt like the honest goal of the program was to pilot us towards the future productions.”

“Must be the best place in Finland to have training for AD’s.”

”Great people – never felt like a competition.”

”Though not knowing anyone beforehand, it felt like we all were a big group of friends. Help was always available.”

”Must be one of the coolest things I’ve had this year!”

”Besides teaching me a great amount of new things, the program also introduced me to many wonderful people. I’m touched of the workload all our teachers have done to train new professionals into this industry and evolve it towards a healthier, more sustainable future.”

We’ve just opened registration for Spring 2024 courses in Finland and online. Sign up here!

Bootcamp was founded by Blockbusters Gang’s Co-Founder Iiris Orasmaa and has been evolved further with multiple AD’s involved in the process. Currently it’s run by Iiris and Aino Niemi, who’s in charge of training future 2nd Assistant Directors. Besides Iiris and Aino, Assistant Director Olli Kasper and Casting Director Pia Nurmi are regular teachers.