BBG AD Bootcamp

Due to the massive demand for professional AD’s and the difficulties in finding suitable candidates to fill open positions in Nordic productions, we established the BBG AD Bootcamp training course. It aims to go one step further and show how Assistant Director’s can support the design and artistic work of their colleagues to enable higher quality content to be created.

Our Bootcamp has been an 8-week continuous training course for aspiring Assistant Directors. It has given a full induction into the work of an Assistant Director from a department-wide perspective. The aim of the program is for each student to:

  • understand the job description of an Assistant Director
  • understand the working hours legislation needed to create a shooting schedule and call sheets.
  • advance their Movie Magic Scheduling skills (learn the basics or improve their incumbent skills)
  • create technical call sheets and understand the process of implementing them
  • understand the management, communication and recruiting process for working with extras
  • understand the key roles in the planning and implementation of the processes of other management departments on set. 

The program alone does not give qualifications for a particular job role. Instead, it gives the participants a better awareness of other departments’ needs, an overview of the job and an understanding of how to do the work. It helps them to grasp what will be required of them in the role of an AD. Instead of having to learn everything on their first day in the job, they are given a skills-based overview of the work process to prepare them for the job.

Depending on the students’ previous experience and ability, the program prepares them for their first positions working as an AD Assistant / Floor or Set PA, 3rd Assistant Director or 2nd Assistant Director.

The first BBG AD Bootcamp was organised in May-June 2022 pro bono by Blockbusters Gang and its ADs as well as visiting professionals. The program was led and created by BBG Founder Iiris Orasmaa. Besides her, the teachers included BBG’s AD’s Aino Niemi and Pia Nurmi. Aija Ronkainen, Olli Kasper, Paula Haukinen, Essi Alamattila and Janne Lähteenmäki served as consultants and student mentors. The vsiting speakers included VFX Producer Antti Kulmala, Director Oskari Sipola, Cinematographer Rauno Ronkainen, Make Up Designer Saara Räisänen, Costume Designer Sofia Kouvo, Production Manager Kristofer Piir, 3rd Assistant Director Richard Söderholm and actors Pelle Heikkilä and Lena Labart

We’re hoping to publish another edition of the Bootcamp for 2023 later this year.