Aino Niemi

Assistant Director

One of our top class 2nd AD’s Aino is especially experienced in script breakdowns, scheduling and call sheets. She’s been working almost full time with MMS and Excel since 2015 after joining our assistant directors team. Besides this Aino’s also gathered knowledge with extras and transportation duties as well as drafting risk assessment forms which makes her understanding of the daily planning even better. She’s one of the few AD’s from Finland who’ve worked abroad and been able to evolve her skills towards international, larger scale productions. She’s scheduled productions to be shot in Estonia, Sweden and Norway and is used to adapt to other systems outside the local Finnish working conditions.

Though Aino has an extensive experience working in the office (or in a trailer at unit base) she’s also done a fair share of set work. Aino has gone through all positions in the team completing her first production as the 1st AD in summer 2021. One of her strengths is understanding details of each AD job. For many 1sts Aino has been the perfect right hand making sure everything outside the set is in order and elements for the coming shooting days truly will be present as requested. As a person she’s extremely focused, detail-oriented and loyal – many of our newcomers look up to her as their role model.

As an addition to her production work Aino has also evolved her skills towards teaching. She’s regularly hosting specialised workshops in productional duties, 2nd AD’ing and call sheets for rookie AD’s. Latest Aino’s teaching gigs have been in Omnia Film Skills education, Frans Schartaus Handelsinstitut’s education program Utbildningsledare & Produktionsledare film och tv-produktion (Production Managers and 1st Assistant Directors of Film & TV Productions), Focal workshop for Key 2nd AD’s and in our own BBG AD Bootcamp.

On the side of her work Aino is trying to focus on her MA studies of Film Producing in Aalto University. At the moment she only joins new productions when her studying schedule allows.


Script breakdowns
Production planning
Cast coordination
Extras budgets & management
Transportation coordinating
Working hours planning
MS Excel
International productions


ALBERT Trained – Sustainable Production (2022)
Covid-19 Risk Management in Productions / UK
TEME workplace steward certificate (luottamushenkilö) / FI
EA1 / First Aid 1 / FI


Finnish (native)
English (full professional proficiency)
Swedish (basics)

Education details

BA in Film & TV Producing / Aalto University – ELO Film School / Graduated 2022
MA in Film & TV Producing / Aalto University – ELO Film School / Currently studying
Production Value Workshop / Focal / Completed in 2024

Additional BA studies Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in years 2016-2017

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Selected works

Feature Films


Black Crab / Indio Film, Netflix Studios / 2022 – dir. Adam Berg
Memory of Water / Bufo, Allfilm, Pandora Film, Mer Film / 2022 – dir. Saara Saarela
Sorjonen – Mural Murders / Fisher King Production / 2021 – dir. Juuso Syrjä


Risto Räppääjä ja Pullistelija / Solar Films / 2019 – dir. Markus Lehmusruusu

TV Series


Supporting Actor / Endemol Shine Finland / 2024 – dir. Niklas Lindgren
Zone B / Elokuvayhtiö Aamu / 2022 – dir. Juho Kuosmanen, Khadar Ayderus Ahmed, Siiri Halko


Dance Brothers / Endemol Shine / 2023 – dir. Taito Kawata – also Production Planning
Cold Courage / Luminoir, Potemkino Port, Vigo Films, Saga Film Nordic / 2019 – dir. Kadir Ferati Balci, Agneta Fagerström – Finnish Unit
Syke S7 / Yellow Film & TV / 2019 – dir. Tony Laine, Annika Grof – with title Production Schedulist
Syke S8 / Yellow Film & TV / 2019 – dir. Tony Laine, Annika Grof – with title Production Schedulist


All the Sins S1 / Matila Röhr Productions / 2019 – dir. Mika Ronkainen – Helsinki Unit

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