BBG AD Bootcamp x FSH

In collaboration with Swedish 2-year education program for Production Managers and Assistant Directors in Frans Schartaus Handelsinstitut we’ve taken our Bootcamp into Stockholm, Sweden by evolving it into an 2-month full-time course of Production planning. We’ve joined the program twice now – and can’t wait to go back again!

Our agenda on the course has been divided into 3 modules:

MODULE 1: (3 weeks)

The importance of understanding proper planning
How to read a script and how to break it down PT 1
How to read a script and how to break it down PT 2

  • introduction to production planning
  • introduction to 1st AD’s prep work: what is it, why is it needed, what does it do to the production overall
  • breaking down process: how to separate needed elements from the script and what should be red between the lines
  • going through Movie Magic Scheduling technically 
  • breaking down scheduling process and different stages
  • introduction to working laws and conditions
  • “critical assumptions” documents

During the 1st Module all students prepared their own breakdowns and schedules of feature length films on MMS.

Blockbusters Gang got the assignment to be Course managers for the 8 week program Production Planning at Frans Schartaus Business Institute since they have the best updated knowledge from the film industry. Iiris and Aino are great at explaining and teaching  the process from breaking down a script to having a shooting schedule with all the reports needed.

Program Director at Frans Schartaus Handelsinstitut

MODULE #2: (1 week)

Communication and team leading
Who reports to who and why

  • going through AD’s jobs one by one
  • going through different possibilities of forming an AD crew
  • discussing through theories of leadership
  • presenting tools for team leading, acting as a supervisor and reporting to yours 

During the 2nd Module students worked on additional homework besides having one-on-one meetings to get consultation for their breakdowns and schedules.

MODULE #3: (2 weeks)

Planning the daily work from set and from the office

  • introduction to 2nd AD’s work
  • what prep work includes versus what is the daily work during shooting days
  • managing the AD department’s work planning
  • communication between departments & with HOD’s
  • introduction to makeup & costume times
  • calculating working hours and turnarounds
  • introduction to risk assessments and other daily paperwork
  • introduction to transportation lists and communication with production coordinators

During the 3rd and last Module students took their schedules to a daily planning stage and prepared detailed call sheets for 1 week of the shoot.

The program for FSH is led and created by Iiris Orasmaa and Aino Niemi. Program Director from Frans Schartaus Handelsinstitute is Frida Hvenmark.

”I wish Iiris and Aino could have stayed for a longer period since they were absolutely awesome.”

“Iiris and Aino really showed me how important it is to have patience, trust the process and
not to give up. I will take that with me for more than just this AD course.”

“Overall a great course. Great feedback and great assignments that are close to
the real working environment.”

“It’s not until now, when I’m on work placement, that I fully understand the with and depth of working in the AD-dept. I’m grateful for all the assignments Iiris and Aino had us push through.
Otherwise I would have still been lost.”