Blockbusters Gang and Helsinki Casting merge


Published on 10th April 2024

Two pioneers in the audiovisual industry become the largest crewing and casting service provider in Finland 

Blockbusters Gang and Helsinki Casting merge

Two central pioneer service providers in the audiovisual industry merge into the largest crewing and casting service provider in Finland. Merged company will keep providing performers in front of the camera and staff behind the scenes – all from the same place.

Focusing on crewing and recruiting for audiovisual productions Blockbusters Gang has established a new agency and recruiting culture in the film industry. Blockbusters Gang has dozens of industry professionals as their members and currently has up to 1000 workers in their freelancer registry.

Helsinki Casting on the other hand has invested in their casting services by gathering a performer database with over 30 000 registered users and creating their own Faces App to support the casting process.

Emma Ilves, previously leading Blockbusters Gang, will take over as the CEO of the merged company. Katri Aksola from Helsinki Casting will continue her work on the development of key accounts and business projects. Other partners include 1st Assistant Director Iiris Orasmaa and Head of Casting Ansku Sinisalo.

“Though our industry has faced a difficult time, we’re determined to take advantage of the opportunities for growth together and evolve our services to support the development of the industry towards more sustainable operations even better. Our aim is to lighten the workload of our clients and improve the casting and crewing processes in the industry” says CEO Emma Ilves.

Both familiar brands, Blockbusters Gang and Helsinki Casting, will stay active under the new company. From now on productions can reach out to Blockbusters Gang on all crewing and recruitment needs and turn to Helsinki Casting on casting inquiries. 

Centralizing the key know-how from both companies under the same roof allows the improvement of even wider services and management of larger productions and service packages.

“Collaboration felt natural due to our shared values. Now we’ve got a great opportunity to look into our operations and processes, evolve our role in the industry and combine the best parts of each into a new, even better functioning unity!” Partner Katri Aksola points out.

More information of the merger will be available for all clients and collaboration partners of the company in the following days.


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Blockbusters Gang & Helsinki Casting
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