Career skills in film industry – free lecture!

Crash course to career skills in film!

This is a free lecture for everyone who’s eager to work in film (especially in Finland or other Nordic countries).

All information given in the lecture is useful for workers on any position or department: starting from production, caterers, camera crew, art department… anyone!

The lecture is formed as a go-through of basic career skills ALL workers need and includes:

  • introduction to working law in Finland
  • going through common practices in Finnish filmmaking industry
  • basics of self-marketing
  • simplest notes that make your CV stand out
  • tips and tricks to use on your first professional productions
  • voluntary Q&A in the end for any open questions

Our aim is to give tools and basic knowledge of how to get into working in professional productions and minimise weird surprises when entering the industry. Lecture has previously been included eg. in Aalto University’s masters degree education for film students.

Lecturers include BBG’s two founders, Emma Ilves and Iiris Orasmaa.

We’ll lecture in English unless all attendees ask for a Finnish version.

Lecture is given online via Zoom – dates for the fall 2023 to be published in October 2023.

Are you a rookie filmmaker looking for your place in the industry? Or have you just moved to Finland and hope to gather experience in local productions? Would you like to work with us?