Essi Alamattila

Assistant Director

Essi is one of the few – if not the only – 2nd AD’s in Finland with such strong experience. She’s worked with multiple 1st AD’s and Directors from Finland and abroad. Her expertise lies in longer drama TV series – but she’s in her element in any challenging fiction productions.

Essi is used to work within different working conditions having scheduled according to multiple Finnish systems (union and regular working law, incl. period based work model aka “jaksotyö”) and Swedish union laws. She’s also handled productions with multiple units both scheduling for all and running a 2nd Unit herself if needed. In the last years she’s started to take even bigger assignments in productions for example taking lead in pre-production phase if the 1st AD for any reason cannot join early enough. She’s also completed few productions as the 1st AD herself and can jump to fill in by running the set if required.

If someone, Essi could be described as calm and collected. She’s focused and been through enough productions not to drive into the panic mode. Besides her professional attitude she’s also got a great sense of humour and top class teamwork skills. Essi is always making sure everyone’s taken on count and treated equally.

Essi is a strong candidate for any production that requires understanding of Nordic filmmaking, content vs. resources and international working system. She’s able to work independently and offer valuable support to her team members making sure the department works together and efficiently. While being a fantastic team mate, of course!


Script breakdowns
Call sheets
Working hours planning
International productions
Working with multiple units


First Aid (EA 1)
Hygiene Passport


Finnish (native)
English (professional working proficiency)
Swedish (limited working proficiency)

Education details

BA in Culture and Arts, Media Production / Oulu University of Applied Sciences / Graduated in 2017
Film Studies / Dongseo University / Student Exchange 2016 – 2017

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Selected works

Feature Films


Ett Sista Race / SF Studios / 2024 – dir. Edward af Sillén
Kulkuset Kulkuset / Don Films / 2022 – dir. Taru Mäkelä
Vuosisadan Häät / Helsinki-film / 2021 – dir. Marja Pyykkö
Den svavelgula himlen / Solar Films INC. / 2021 – dir. Claes Olsson
Tove / Helsinki-filmi / 2020 – dir. Zaida Bergroth
Stupid Young Heart / Tuffi Films / 2018 – dir. Selma Vilhunen

TV Series


Syke S8 / Yellow Film & TV / 2019 – dir. Toni Laine, Annika Grof
Syke S7 / Yellow Film & TV / 2019 – dir. Toni Laine, Annika Grof


The Helicopter Heist / B-Reel Films / TBA – dir. Daniel Espinosa
To Cook a Bear S1 / Anagram Sweden, Walt Disney Company Nordic / TBA – dir. Trygve Allister Diesen
Arctic Circle S3 / Yellow Film & TV / 2024 – dir. Juha Lankinen
Sininen enkeli S1 / Solar Films INC. / 2022 – dir. Aleksi Mäkelä
Made in Finland S1 / Rabbit Films / 2022 – dir. Maarit Lalli
Arctic Circle S2 / Yellow Film & TV / 2021 – dir. Juha Lankinen
Karkurit S1 / Yellow Film & TV / 2021 – dir. Jalmari Helander, Teppo Airaksinen and Saara Cantell
Suden hetki S1 / Warner Bros. International Television Production Finland / 2019 – dir. Juha Lankinen – also 1st Assistant Director
Onnela S2 / Zodiak Finland / 2018 – dir. Jaakko Saariluoma


Advokaten S2 / Bronson Club / 2020 – dir. Pontus Klänge


TBA / Yellow Film & TV / TBA – dir. TBA
Queen of Fucking Everything S1 / Rabbit Films / TBA – dir. TBA
Ylä-Savon Kermaa S1 / Mutant Koala / TBA – dir. TBA
Arctic Circle S3 / Yellow Film & TV / TBA – dir. TBA
TBA / Rabbit Films / TBA – dir. TBA

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