Eventful month at our office: Open Weeks and Networking event

It’s September, and after some light office renovation it’s time for our eight Networking event!

Taking place in September 22nd, we would like to invite you ALL media industry professionals, students and indie filmmakers to mingle and talk about your projects. It’s a great opportunity to meet future colleagues, hear about new projects and possibly even recruit new cast and crew to your project.

The event runs from 6:00PM to 10:00PM. Facebook event can be found here.

As usual, we have organized some interesting program for the event! Everything in the program is voluntary, and you’re welcome to come and spend a relaxing Friday night with us however you like!


6:30PM – SPEED DATING This time our speed dating is meant for DIRECTORS and ACTORS, so you can meet new faces and hear about projects in development. The participants will sit in pairs and each will get a few minutes to get to know each other and talk about their skillset, projects and interests. After the bell rings, you move on to the next person.

To participate in the speed dating, you don’t have to be a professional or study the field. You don’t even need to have a project in the works. Speed dating is meant only as an easy way to get to know to others in an effective way.

7:30PM – DIT – THE MASTER OF MATERIALS: Q&A by Antris Bondsdorff Second number in our program is a Q&A with Antris Bondsdorff from Bo&Bo Oy. Antris will answer all your questions about life as a DIT, material transfers and formats. What does a DIT do? How can you store the materials in the best and safest way possible? The work of a DIT is often done in the background, but it’s actually an incredible valuable part of filmmaking process and the workflow of the entire film: bringing the work from the set to the editing table.

9:00PM – PITCHBOWL Last but definitely not the least, it’s time for Pitchbowl! Each participant will drop their name to the Pitchbowl as the evening goes on, and at 9:00PM we will draw three names from the bowl. These three winners get to pitch themselves or their project to others, and also get a surprise prize from BBG!

Everyone can participate in the draw no matter what’s your specialty, and you can choose to either pitch yourself or your project. Each pitch should last 1-2 minutes. There’s no criteria for what the project should be, it can be anything from a school or indie project to a professional film.

10:00PM – End of the evening, but feel free to join us for an after party! Location announced at the event.

As for the other events in our calendar, we’ve had Open Weeks for a week already, and the event will continue right until September 8th. Facebook event can be found here. We’ve had more work than we’ve been able to take on, so we’re actively looking for new Gang members!

During the event we’ve been scheduling meetings with everyone who wants to meet us, learn more about our company or introduce themselves to us. There’s still time and slots available, so if you want to book a one-on-one meeting with us, please send us an email and your CV to info(a)blockbustersgang.com! We’re looking for people interested in the following areas of film, television and commercial productions: production, AD department, catering, casting, location managing, costumes, make up, marketing and sales.

Any of these made you go yup, that’s me? Send us a message!