My office internship is about to end…

Hi! It’s Sanni here, again! 

My office internship is about to end today, on Friday 25th. It has been three weeks when I greeted you last time and told about my shooting internship (scroll our profile forward and find more about my thoughts just three posts away!).

Both internships were interesting and very different compared to each other. 

Where I already knew what it was like being in on a set shooting, I had no idea what it would be like in the office. Seriously, I had basic prejudices: sending invoices, calling phones, checking receipts etc. Obviously it was that but also so much more. 

During the office internship period I’ve learn quite many things about e.g casting and ordering merch and things that included in those tasks. First day I started to write a journal about my internship and somehow ended up decorating it with pink unicorns. I think it’s kind of cool, tho…

So everyone knows what casting basically is: When a production needs a performer, someone needs to seek this person to the production. 

BBG had casting going on and my job was to answer applicants’ questions via email. So lots of emails. I also updated BBG Casting’s performer register and sorted their email.

About ordering merch (merch aka products with Blockbusters Gang’s logo for members).

We created a poll. Then we raced many printing companies and made our choice where to order merch and then sent an offer request. This is really simplified description. There are many excels for different kind of things: who wants to order what, how much merch costs in a specific company, who makes merch from organic materials… And all this information is as important as everything else. 

I noticed during office internship, I like to be in contact with people: I’m the one who wants to send emails and make phone calls. That was something I got to do a lot of, which was really nice.

Beside that I drank a lot of tea. A sip from every quality.