New drama series Suden Hetki premieres in one week!

Only one week until the drama series Suden hetki premieres in Yle Areena and Yle TV2. Looking forward to the end result starting 10th of April. Watch the trailer here.

There are some productions we join in early stages – this on most levels wasn’t one of them, but important in any case. Lots of us and some guests on our behalf helping out with this last fall.

Production Company: Warner Bros. International Television Production Finland

Director: Juha Lankinen

Production Coordinator: Ilona Hiltunen (60/60 days)

1st Assistant Director: Iiris Juutilainen / Blockbusters Gang (12/60 days)

2nd Assistant Director: Paula Haukinen (25/60 days), Aija Ronkainen (4/60 days), Lina Kuhanen (2/60 days)

Extras Casting: Jaana Hastama (60/60 days)

3rd Assistant Director: Saana Isometsä (3/60 days)

Assistant Director Trainee: Viola Lydman (1/60 days)

Catering Assistant: Satu Walden (2/60 days)