Save time, energy and patience: outsource.

Recruiting a crew for any film production takes dozens, even hundreds of working hours and is often difficult to combine with other duties that Production Managers, for example, have. We offer a solution that makes the process faster and more efficient as well as frees your resources to focus on managing the production: outsourcing the recruitment to us.  


Once your production has been greenlit, take a moment to evaluate what you could achieve by outsourcing the recruitment process to us:

  • depending on the need, receiving either shortlisted candidates or a wider selection of available employees to all open positions in one, comprehensive file
  • no more spending time on calling each familiar worker individually yourself
  • no more scrolling through hundreds of application emails and texts 
  • finding newcomers you didn’t know beforehand 
  • being offered out-of-the-box options for more specific job roles
  • being able to consult our recruiters and brainstorm the line-up of the team 

We value your time, company values and production content and want to offer workers who match what you’re looking for. Besides working with industry veterans, we also look for rookies on a daily basis. This means we’re not stuck with the same list of filmmakers as most companies – we’ve got some fresh ideas to share.

We can take care of finding, interviewing and hiring permanent crew members as well as help out with finding additional crew to fill in for sick leaves or otherwise more challenging days with extra employee needs. 

By outsourcing the recruitment to us, you’ll ensure that the recruitment is done responsibly and that both the project’s and job applicant’s needs and wishes are met. We also want to be freelancer-friendly, making sure workers themselves feel like they’re in good hands.

The cost of recruitment is always project-based depends on the scope of our services, the number of recruited crew members and the timeline of the recruitment process. We offer either a daily or weekly rate or a package deal including a certain amount of work and services. 

Please get in touch and we’ll give you an idea of what we could offer!


You can also use our recruitment service to fill a specific job role in your organization or production. We’re happy to help yoy on the way by finding suitable people from our network for you to interview and fill open positions. The service can include the whole recruitment process or just one part of it, such as finding and contacting the freelancers – exactly as you wish.