Safer space guidelines


These guidelines for safer spaces are created to make events as safe as possible for all participants.

We understand that it is unlikely that all spaces can be made fully safe for everyone. With this in mind, we encourage all the participants to actively create an atmosphere where we prioritise one another’s safety and wellbeing. Let’s look after one another. 

If you experience harassment or any other form of inappropriate treatment at the event, please contact BBG’s representative. You can also contact our staff by email after the event.  

  • Respect everyone’s personal space, both physical and mental. You cannot know where another person’s boundaries lie without asking them. Make sure you ask before touching anyone. Listen to others and adapt your behaviour if someone indicates that your behaviour makes them feel uncomfortable.
  • Respect everyone, don’t assume things. Don’t make assumptions about other people’s sexuality, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, values, socio-economic background, ability or health. Respect pronouns and names. Be aware of your own privileges. 
  • No body discrimination. Don’t comment on another person’s body. Also do not comment on other people’s eating and meal sizes. 
  • Respect the opinions, beliefs, experiences and differing viewpoints of others. Don’t mock, ridicule, disparage, sideline or humiliate anyone with your words, behaviour or actions. 
  • Assume responsibility for your own actions and behaviour. Remember that your actions affect other people, regardless of your good intentions.
  • Give space. Do your best to ensure that everyone gets to participate in discussions. Don’t disregard other people’s opinions; give others the chance to speak. Respect the privacy of others and treat sensitive topics respectfully.
  • Intervene in harassment if you witness it, and ask the person who was harassed whether they would like help or support. Don’t just remain an on-looker.


If you experience inappropriate behaviour or harassment at our event, please report it to the BBG’s staff.

If the situation cannot be resolved, the person behaving inappropriately will be removed from the space as discreetly and unnoticeably as possible.