SuperPark TV spot

Couple weeks ago we had an adrenaline filled day with these talented youngsters performing on this SuperPark Espoo tv spot produced by Duotone. Cheerleaders, scooter riders, BMX bikers… We want to learn all the tricks too!

Also what made the day exciting was the fact that this was CEO Emma’s first job as a Production Assistant! The crew got some business advice and facts during the day as a bonus (wanted it or not)… 

Production Company: Duotone

Director: Ezra Gould

1st Assistant Director: Iiris Juutilainen

Production Assistant: Emma Ilves

Here’s also some behind the scenes photos of the fun shoot at SuperPark – at times the Director Ezra Gould and our 1st AD Iiris almost drowned – anything for the perfect shot! 

Try to spot Iiris in the picture above (tip: she’s wearing Star Wars socks)..!

Cheerleaders were pretty much flying in the air every time the camera was rolling – talented ladies!

Iiris here fully above ground keeping everything running and on time as always.  

Emma enjoyed her first experience as a Production Assistant, but during breaks she went back to her normal daily role doing BBG’s social media and administration tasks. 

A big thanks for the whole crew and SuperPark for the amazing day – we really enjoyed every minute of it! And remember who to call when ever in need of a last minute rescue..!