Tekele’s Transport TV series coming out in March!

Something interesting coming up soon – TRANSPORT TV-series will be available on Yle in March 2022 in Finland. We were lucky to be part of the project during the development and in production too. Congratulations to all cast and crew involved!

Production Company: Tekele

Director: Auli Mantila

2nd Assistant Director: Olli Kasper / Blockbusters Gang

Catering: Juha Ala-Korpula / Blockbusters Gang

Catering (additional days): Neea Havu, Annina Juuso, Laura Väli-Torala / Blockbusters Gang

Production Planner (script breakdown & shooting schedule) / Pre Production: Iiris Orasmaa (Juutilainen) / Blockbusters Gang

Ps. The trailer’s already been released and you can find it on Variety’s article here: https://variety.com/2022/tv/global/finland-tekele-transport-trailer-1235161410/?fbclid=IwAR3tVvFi4SQ5Dc1ks2xcdggBx-NMhlDeGAEeZRKlvPncaZTLbNKBjL60DkQ