Tips and thoughts to people dreaming of working in film and TV productions one day

Finnish job board & recruiting media Duunitori came to visit us couple months ago and asked us some tips to share with people interested in a career in the film and TV industry. We welcomed them in and – as a surprise to no-one who knows me and Iiris – we started a long and endless talk about the industry. It is always refreshing to explain about the specialties of the industry – both the challenges and rewards – to people who don’t know anything about it, but it also takes a longer while than we intend to.

Duunitori summarized our “paasaus” to a short video clip with 5 tips to industry newcomers who are seeking for a job. See below the short video that Duunitori put together of Emma’s and Iiris’ long and endless conversation. 

The video is in Finnish, but the tips would roughly translate as following: 

1. Just go for it and try working in a film or TV project to get a more concrete picture of the work and career opportunities. 

2. Education is not the key. It can help you a lot but it doesn’t say whether you’re capable or skilled enough. 

3. Gain experience from this industry if possible, or from any other, since all work experience is helpful. 

4. Gather a great team that supports you and that you can trust 100%.

5. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Be open about them and focus on solving the situations. 

Duunitori also interviewed Iiris of her career as a 1st AD – how did she end up to the business, what were her dreams and how did she get where she is right now. Also some more tips on how to build a base to a successful career. Read the article by clicking here!

The article is in Finnish and quite long, so I’ll not start to summarize it here, though it is very interesting read for someone who’s new to the industry. Iiris felt very embarrassed for all the hype and praise written – as almost any humble Finn would. Sorry Iiris, it is all earned and I’m sharing this article in our social media channels nevertheless. 

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Gang CEO & Co-Founder