Visit to KopterCam / BBG Junior Program

BBG Junior Program is a 6-month program in which 10 participants are learning more of filmmaking by attending different lectures, visits to multiple production houses and working part-time as interns with the Gang. Each participant gets to focus on a specific area of production or gather knowledge overall in projects and departments during this time. All participants attend 10 + lectures of production process, work safety and basic duties of assistants in the field. Besides these, they’ll be joining our teams for approx. 5-10 days in our office and 5-10 days in film / commercial / TV shoots.

Spring 2019 edition of the program is a pilot. Our 10 participants are between ages of 18-28 and come from multiple different backgrounds (as do we).

This blog post is written and photographed by our Juniors.


Koptercam is the leading Finnish aerial photography firm which works all over the world. They provide the latest radio controlled equipment and the very high quality footage that has previously been out of reach for most Finnish productions.

On our visit to Koptercam Marco Godles and Ben Daley told us in more detail about their company and profession. We were introduced to their equipment and how it is used in productions. We saw a film shot on their most refined stabilizer, the Shot Over. We went through the safety instructions and how to work in productions where drone is used. Some of us got to test flying the drone.

Our member Reetta was with us.

Ben Daly showing how to control a drone.

Us Juniors were excited to see how drones work and how clear the image can be, and to learn about Koptercam’s equipment and the company itself too. It was important to learn what you need to know if you want a drone in your production.


BBG Junior Program Participant 2019


Learn more about Charlotta: “I’m 22 years old. Currently, I’m studying Vocational Qualification in Media and Visual Expression and working with Blockbusters Gang as an intern. I’m interested in learning new things in the media industry. As an Intern, I’ve been assisting on daily office work and helping out on the set (for example in catering, casting, preparing materials and organizing auditions). I’ve used MS Excel, Powerpoint & Word and Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Premiere while studying and have basic skills in all of those. I’m hoping to gather more skills on each during my internship and coming productions.”