Working as a Production Trainee

Hello there! 

My name is Emma but you can call me Eme.  Currently I’m participating in the Blockbusters Gang’s Junior Program 2019 Fall edition. Wow! My long-time dream came true – Emma and Iiris opened the doors of the industry to me. I have been dreaming of working in the film and TV industry since I was a child.  

Now I have made my first TV production traineeship in September – October 2019. I was working as a Production Trainee. I was assisting the production department in different kind of assignments, I took care of catering and I was working as a runner as well. I liked it a lot! Whole production crew was awesome. Everyone was nice to me and helped and explained things if needed.

During my traineeship I have learned about different departments roles, how to speak correctly to walkie talkie and understood the big picture of making a TV show. I was sad when our project came to an end because I really enjoyed it. But it made me more confident that I want to be in the industry and I have a great passion for it! I can’t wait for new opportunities.  

Have a lovely weekend!