Working towards new edition of BBG (again)

Every fall and every spring we seem to be at the same exact situation – at least on some level. Our gang is evolving, waiting for the next logical, but usually a bit suspenseful step. This autumn we were emotionally prepared and have tried to stay chill through the process. We’re half way there… and wish we’ll keep our heads calm until the end.

This step isn’t that big for “bystanders” – webpage updates, adding couple new members, new photos, pretty basic stuff. But besides getting the company up to date for our clients we’re trying to develop our in-house systems as well. This means all the boring and time-consuming stuff we hope to take away from our clients when hiring our members. Emma’s work desk is covered in bids and proposals from companies, she’s talking to company lawyers and tax authors daily and creating numerous excel sheets to keep up with everything.

In couple weeks we hope all this creates one of a kind BBG 5.0 edition (5.0 already! Time flies so fast!)

While dealing with all this we wanted to have some instant excitement as well – so we ordered bunch of big textile badges with our logo and created a series of unique crew jackets with our members. Here’s Emma with her styled blazer. Pretty cool I say. 


1st Assistant Director COO, Head of Production

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