2017! What a year for the Gang it has been!

Our 24 members and many other trusted workers, who have saved us when things get too busy, have worked in 182 productions. We’ve evolved our business, recruited new members, gained more skills, more friends and more experiences. We’ve had a chance to see the world through dozens of international productions and improve our services. As the year comes to it’s end, we traditionally couldn’t be more happy looking back – or looking forward.

Our offices will quiet for Holidays today 22nd December and the team will be back online on 2nd January 2018. In case you have anything urgent before that – please SMS so we’ll wake up from our holiday mood to check emails if needed!

With the warmest possible greetings, on behalf of the whole Gang,

Iiris & Emma

Ps. If you are planning your projects for 2018 already, this is how our members future looks like: Julia can manage a short term productions in January before starting as Production Manager on a TV series for the Spring. Sofia will work as Costumer on TV series until beginning of June as well. And Luisa seems to have her heart on TV production as Director’s Assistant until summer too. Iiris is mostly booked until 18th Jan, but happy to run your production right after that. Minna is working until beginning of March as Location Manager, but might have some time for urgent scouts on January. Ilona returns to Helsinki after Production Coordinating a feature in Lapland in the end of February. Pauliina is 1st AD’ing a feature until end of March in the Northern Finland too. Aino and Vilma go back to school after the Holidays, but we regularly get them to do shorter little gigs here and there. Aija is finishing school during 2018 but will try her best to have some time to work every now and then! Paula is working as 3rd Assistant Director on a feature until end of April. Jaana returns from her vacation mid-February. Mikko and Hanna-Mari are free to make any commercials or other shorter projects starting already from the beginning of the year. Maiju, Juulia and Elina also have time to hop on any kind of production. And Rosa is free to light up the way. Juanita is travelling the world until 2019 and Kaisa is taking care of the newest (and definitely cutest) member of BBG clan – charming baby boy, until next summer. Reetta is working as Camera Technician until September and Tuukka is still booked to produce commercials until further notice.

Last but not least – Emma and Saana are firing up the festival season services sales on January and will try to keep on track on all the wonderful new productions on our way for 2018.