Urgent help before Holidays needed? You know who to call – but do it quickly!

As the year is coming to it’s end we’re once again facing the busy winter season in it’s glory. Since half of the Gang is already booked for December or even longer, we’re recommending you to contact us soon if you’ll need to start or finish a production during the next few weeks or in early January.

For any Production Crew needs our Julia, Jaana, Aija, Mikko and Ilona have some free slots on their calendar before starting their vacations. Depending on the dates Sofia should be able to help you out on any Costume / Wardrobe emergencies, Rosa is ready to join your Lighting Crew and Iiris is back in town next week to start running the last of Christmas commercials.  

What if you need help in the end of the month when everyones sipping mulled wine, skiing and skating? No worries! Production Assistants Aino and Vilma will be ready to jump in to save your day!

BBG will be having a small “offline time” too from 24th December to January 7th. During this time please call to Emma rather than email her so your request will reach her even though she might me enjoying some red wine and chocolate too. 

Happy Holidays!