A Glorious Film School by Spielberg & Lucas

Couple weeks ago Emma had a unique chance to explore one of the best (or THE best as they say) film schools in the world: USC School of Cinematic Arts. The big campus of USC (University of Southern California) is at least size of a small village and situated in the heart of Los Angeles. Right from the first sight you notice that damn, someone’s had money to create all this..! 

A private tour around the campus was hosted by a former student, nowadays a teacher at the same address, Sebastian Twardosz – what an inspiring personality! Sebastian had at least 1001 exciting stories to tell about USC and his career in the film business. Couldn’t wish for a better tour guide! 

Another former student – Ted Chalmers from TomCat FIlms/Summer Hill Films on the campus tour bringing back all the golden memories back from those student days. 

Several movie theatres, art collections, museum, bars, clubs, countless gigantic, monumental buildings… Everything in tip-top condition shouting “money”, “expensive”! Behind this glory there is an army of private investors, of which the most famous are the magnificent Directors Steven Spielberg and, a USC’s former student, George Lucas themselves. No wonder this faculty attracts wealthy investors, when these names lead the way. For Emma, the tour around this greatness brought up a slight longing towards a careless student life again… Well sold Sebastian and Ted! Maybe one of our Gang members will one day make his/her dreams come true in this wonderland!


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