We just released the Blockbusters Gang 3.0 with a beautiful new website, and here’s another big news for the Fall 2016: Emma is flying to Arizona for the next 3 months! 

So first the company point of you: Our Head of Marketing and CEO, is flying to Arizona (already tomorrow) and will be managing the company via digital channels for the next three months. Gladly we have Iiris and Paula, our member and now also our networks Production Coordinator, handling all the administrative stuff that Emma can’t reach from the other side of the Atlantic ocean. The network will be in good hands – don’t worry!

From Emma’s point of view this means conquering Arizona and the surroundings with Tomcat Films, a sales and distributions company based in Phoenix, a bit higher temperature and much more sun than in Finland, a lot of mingling, networking and social media spamming. We won’t be revealing too much yet – so stay tuned and remember to follow Emma’s journey through our social media channels on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and here.

With very excited wishes, 


CEO, Head of Marketing