Adventure called AFM 2016 part 1: Getting there!

AFM, American Film Market, was held in Los Angeles in the beginning of this month. One of the biggest film markets in the world welcomed also Blockbusters Gang to the buzzing center of film business as Emma represented the network on the spot (while also helping out TomCat Films/Summer Hill Films with their sales and acquisitions). As LA is not Las Vegas, nothing that happened there should be kept a secret, so during this week we are going to open you the full experience around the event! So here we go!

Ready for the market! Back in the TomCat/Summer Hill Films’ office in Phoenix, Emma had been prepping for AFM for over a month to get all the sales materials ready for the show. The last weeks were pretty hectic, like always before festivals, but voilá, right before the departure everything was ready and packed into this convenient festival cart – the Cartman! Easy to smile on a moment like this! 

Next challenge was getting from Phoenix, Arizona to LA. Taking a plain would’ve been way too easy, so Emma and Cartman hopped on a car and headed towards west coast – a six hour ride through the desert. Not too bad.

…except when it turned out to be more that EIGHT hours. Of course there was a traffic jam in the middle of the desert! 

Despite the unexpected traffic, Emma just made it to the screening of Little Wing movie that was held before AFM in the heart of Beverly Hills for the HFPA members, as the film is heading towards Golden Globes (more about that project later!). Traditionally there was no time to get ready, so after the sweaty trip, Emma had to change to heels and appropriate outfit in the middle of Beverly Hills’s busiest street. Oh the glamorous life in the film business! 

Little Wing’s #girlstoglobes team at WME Screening Room before the show time: Director Selma Vilhunen and the lovely leading ladies Linnea Skog & Paula Vesala in the spotlight! 

And after the long long way, there it was finally: Santa Monica and Loews hotel by the ocean! Office check-in, badges, festival bags… And the AFM finally began!

What happened in the market then? More about that later this week! 



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