She Came From The Desert – BBG Costumes team is now invading Turku!

Our tanned costume designer Kaisa is back from Almeria, Spain and headed straight to Turku here in Finland to finish up the shoot of It Came From the Desert feature. After an intensive 15-day shoot in the deserts they’re focusing on interior scenes before wrapping up next Sunday.

Kaisa is now working with our new trainee Miia, who is getting to know costume and make up department better and helping out with any running errants in the office. 

Finnish papers have been excited about the shoot in Turku as well – if you read finnish, check for example and Turkulainen’s articles. 

Next week we’re moving to our new office spaces in Alppila (more about this later guys!) and we know these guys are specially thrilled to have they’re own room for the future costume sewing and fittings.

After coming back to Helsinki Kaisa and Miia have couple of nice couple days shoots coming up but in case you’re in a need for a good and solid costume and make up help before Christmas, you know who to call!