Who’s Juanita?

On September we got three new additions to our team. Here’s the first NEW MEMBER INTRODUCTION: this is Juanita Kananen who’s filling our production and marketing gang!

Juanita is just finishing her Bachelor of Culture & Arts degree specialising in film and television production and editing on TAMK University of Applied Sciences. She’s completed Erasmus+ Programme on Branding & Marketing Communications on Stenden University of Applied Sciences in Netherlands last year. Besides this Juanita spent a year at University of Glasgow studying Politics & Film and Television.

As you can already imagine she speaks fluent English, good Swedish and knows the basics of German and Dutch. A pretty good variety of languages for a basic Finn!

Juanita has been working with us last spring on three music videos: Roope Salminen & Koirat ft Anna Abreu: Voodoo as 2nd Assistant Director, Laura Närhi: Supersankari as Production Assistant and Benjamin: Body as Production Coordinator. Before them she was Iiris’ intern on Ihon alla / Replacements TV-series on 2014.  Since Juanita knows about editing, she has also been working as a Logger on TV series during her studies. 

How does she describe her approach to film business then? This is what Juanita tells on her statement at our website: 

“Career in film and television has always been my number one choice. While searching my place in the industry through studies and working, I have obtained a variety of experiences and skills from editing short films to coordinating a music video shoot. My latest ambition has been to deepen and enhance the knowledge of social media marketing for films and television series. Altogether, I have worked mainly on television productions while engaging in occasional music video or commercial shoot every now and then. Being educated in English in three different countries and for most of my adult life, I feel deep passion for international productions and working abroad in near future. My deepest dream is being involved in creating a horror or Nordic noir television series, since the inspiration for my chosen path arises from the exceptional Nordic television phenomena, namely The Killing and The Bridge.”

Autumn 2016 has started out quite busy for Juanita already: she has started getting into marketing by working as a Marketing Assistant on Superpower Dogs Crowdfunding Campaign’ssocial media tasks and Tulen Morsian / Devil’s Pride marketing campaign. She has also done couple of commercials as a Production Assistant and Script Supervisor.

To book a very internationally oriented and motivated worker, email juanita(a)blockbustersgang.com – we could not be happier to have her on our team! _____________________________________________________________