Creepy moments at ShriekFest

Emma attended the ShriekFest Horror Film Festival in Hollywood with TomCat Films last week. The creepy festival gathered horror lovers and filmmakers together to Raleigh Studio’s in Hollywood to celebrate and enjoy the new horror films, both shorts and features, presented in the festival.

The festival kicked off with an opening party on Thursday in the Heart of Hollywood. Emma found networking a bit more awkward than usually…

Watching films as a part of your job sounds like a dream, but there were moments when Emma felt it was more like a nightmare. On the other side, it’s a sign of good horror film if it scares the h*** out of you!

On Saturday the horror feature film Paramedics, one of the films that Emma’s been working with at TomCat Films, had its WORLD PREMIERE! To maximise the scary experience, a blood-covered ambulance was brought to the entrance with a corpse inside of it. Or was maybe it was Emma who couldn’t handle the horror film marathon anymore..?  

Joe Bochian, one of the two leading actors talking about the twisted character he was playing – and about his favourite serial killer..? When the interview is by Robert “The Corpsy” Rhine, this kind of conversation is only normal. 

That should be enough blood, zombies and corpses to tune you into a Halloween mood! And people back in Finland, remember to take part to and celebrate the creepiest and darkest film festival Night Visions Maximum Halloween 3016 in the beginning of November as the festival turns 20 years old! 



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