And the Industry Support Award goes to… US!

Two weeks ago it happened: we, Blockbusters Gang, won our first official award!

Wohooo! We had been dreaming of this to happen, but honestly had no real expectations, since there aren’t many awards for us to win (compared to i.e. production companies or HOD’s of a film crew). 

Photo: Tiia Öhman

The Kannustuspalkinto aka Industry Support Award (as we decided to translate it) was given to us at Red Carpet Film Festival’s gala on 29th August at Hotel Sveitsi. Iiris and I (Emma) were enjoying the wonderful gala evening and when our award was announced, we got quite emotional, I must admit. The award itself meant so much to us, but also the jury introduced us with such perfect words that we couldn’t handle it!

Here’s the announcement roughly translated: 

“In making films, an insane amount of new energy is always needed. This gang has been bringing that to the industry for years in their brave and crazy way. The Industry Support Award goes to the network of passionate and professional freelancers, to Blockbusters Gang.“

Photos: Erika Luoto

Why were we so extra amazed and emotional after hearing the announcement? First of all, they didn’t think we were a production company, what a victory! That’s the most common misbelief of us, since there are no other companies doing this in Finland. Second of all, how cool and honouring it is to be described as professional, passionate, brave (and crazy) and also to be worth of this special mention from the jury! We’ve always wanted to work and develop the network and company in our own way and these are things that we think we are and that we want to be seen as. And the final reason to getting so emotional was the fact that Iiris and I, we had our parents in the gala witnessing all of this. What a special day.

The jury: Markus Selin, Aleksi Hyvärinen, Timo Vuorensola, Anna Puu (and Miia Haavisto, who’s not in the picture). Photo: Erika Luoto.

As we highlighted in our speech, the award belongs to every single one of our Gang members. And we wouldn’t have gotten it without their invaluable work and support along the years. Superman got nothing on them!  

On last Tuesday we were super happy to invite all our members to celebrate the award to BBG office with us: Cake, cocktails, champagne and of course meeting “face-to-face” with the handsome award “Jussi” (yes, we named him Jussi)! So much fun!

Photos: Tiia Öhman

All in all – we are still incredibly excited! How long can one be happy and proud for receiving an award? We’ll see that (forever maybe?), but for hearing a cheerful voice on the phone or in any sort of production needs, especially now remember: WHO YOU GONNA CALL! 

+358 40 5542086 (<—- save the number or call right away!)

Best wishes,


The Very Proud Gang CEO & Co-Founder