A Week of New Experiences

My name is Iina and I’m a 22-year-old student currently studying at Helsinki Vocational School in the Media Assistant line of study. I’m participating in the BBG Junior Program 2019 Fall edition.

This week I got a taste of what it is like to work at the BBG office as an Office Intern. Before I tell you about this week I’d like to share how the experience has been so far and what we Juniors have already learnt in the program.

On the first day we started out by introducing ourselves to each other by doing a little pitch. (So far we’ve perfected our pitches little by little every time we’ve come across a new face at the office and needed to introduce ourselves.) After getting to know each other a little, Iiris and Emma talked about the basics of what Blockbusters Gang actually is and how it works as a company. No, it’s not a production company, as many people often think.

During our first weeks we learned about the typical life cycle of movies, TV-series and commercials, work safety, the basics of excel, the Working Hours Act, the responsibilities of the employer and the employee, bids, value added taxes, how to use English while working and making different kinds of files for the company. Emma and Iiris really had a fun way of teaching things because all lectures were filled with lots of examples and discussion. (Maybe some memes as well.) I left the office every time feeling like I’ve learned more than ever before.

So now on to what I’ve been up to this week. Working or interning in an office is a completely new experience for me. The week has been packed with many different kinds of little tasks. I’ve taken care of some basic Office Intern responsibilities like keeping everything clean and organised and picking up some deliveries here and there, filed away receipts and so much more. I’ve posted on the company’s social media pages on Twitter, Instagram and now Tumblr. This week I did some introductions to our Junior members as you can see here on Tumblr as well. It was quite fun, however, I think my most favourite tasks were making a communication map for the crew for one shooting and getting to take part in another shoot’s casting. I made a casting call and got to take part in sorting out the applicants for the client by putting the choices neatly in order on a spreadsheet with their pictures and other info.

All and all this week has been a really important learning experience for me. I’ve had a lot of fun at the office and everyone has been really cool and helped me out whenever I needed. The atmosphere was really great!  Now it’s time to end the week with some cookies and brownies which I baked for the gang. Yum!

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