Valtteri’s Thoughts about the Start of the Junior Program

The Fall 2019 Edition of the BBG Junior Program has begun! This is the 2nd edition of Blockbusters Gang’s 6-month program, in which 8 participants are learning about filmmaking. The program includes lectures, visits to production houses and working as an intern both in the office and on shoots.

The participants are:

Emma Ahola

Sanna Hanén

Annina Juuso

Iina Karjalainen

Sanni Mättö

Anna-Mari Pikkarainen

Valtteri Voutilainen

Vanessa Yilmaz

All of our Juniors will share their experiences and thoughts about the Junior Program here on our blog. We look forward to this Fall and its exciting events!

Here’s Valtteri’s thoughts about the start of the Junior Program:

I’m Valtteri, a 28-year old film/tv-production student living in Helsinki. I’ve been an intern at Blockbusters Gang since April 2019, and been involved in a handful of productions in the assistant director department. I also have some indiefilm background in production and assistant director departments and I’m currently participating in the BBG Junior Program (Fall 2019).

The program started with a junior meeting and now we’re a few lectures deep in to the program. Some of the topics have been working laws, communication, working safety and marketing, just to mention a few. The lectures have been really useful, insightful and motivating to say the least.

Valtteri as an AD Trainee shooting Se Mieletön Remppa.

Find out more about Valtteri on LinkedIn.