Proudly and happily introducing our NINE new members, all ready to help you out in production, assistant directing, casting or script supervision related emergencies! Welcome to the Gang Pia, Tove, Emma, Pauliina, Tanja, Janne, Neea, Charlotta and Viola! Scroll down to get to know them all better!

Pia Nurmi

Casting Director / Production Staff

+358 44 0800785

Pia is an energetic and positive personality with lots of valuable life and work experience behind – she’s studied and worked in Spain for over a decade and now here in Finland is focusing on enhancing her production skills while finishing her Cultural and Arts Management studies. We are especially happy that in addition to all production work, Pia now joins our busy casting department as Casting Director!

Tove Alfthan

Script Supervisor / Production Staff

+358 40 6866242

Welcome Tove, our new Script Supervisor/Production Staff Member! Tove graduated as Bachelor of Arts from University of West Scotland in 2018 and gladly we met her this Spring as she came to work in Helsinki. Tove is warm and motivated woman who already has experience assisting in production, casting and catering departments and now she’s about to specialize better at Script Supervisor’s position.

Emma Ylistalo

Production Staff

+358 40 5413930

Another Emma in the Gang! We met this one earlier in Spring 2019 and were immediately convinced by her calm but firm attitude towards working. She’s already been helping us in multiple roles in commercials and tv series by assisting in production, casting, assistant directing and location departments and we are certain that she’ll be saving our clients in countless productions in the future.

Pauliina Piipponen

Production Manager / Producer

+358 46 65742

The warm-hearted and always reliable Pauliina! We are lucky to have gotten her part of our Gang. Originally we got to know her as one of our clients in the commercial side. Pauliina does both production management and producing depending on the type and size of the production. Now she’s especially willing to gain more and more experience in drama series and features.

Tanja Lilja

Production & AD Staff

+358 45 3199104

We got to know Tanja when having her participating in BBG Junior Program Spring 2019. Tanja is especially talented socially, she communicates well with all members of the crew, actors and extras. Although Tanja just started working in professional side of the industry, she has gained several years of work experience from outside the film world and also has taken part in some indie productions previously.

We are very happy to currently have Tanja in our full-time team in the office and are willing to lend her every once in a while to shorter productions to any assisting positions in production, AD, casting and catering departments.

Janne Lähteenmäki

Production & AD Assistant

+358 40 7210831

We got to know Janne when having him participating in BBG Junior Program Spring 2019. Janne, if anyone, is constantly showing accuracy and humbleness in his work with amazing concentration. During his time in the program he was helping in multiple departments – art, AD, production, locations – and he seems to have a survivor skill to be able to help out in all sorts of unexpected situations. Janne is now specializing in production and AD departments – first by finishing his driver’s license process during Summer 2019.

 Neea Havu

Production Assistant

+358 40 7182040

We got to know Neea when having her participating in BBG Junior Program Spring 2019. Neea is an honest young woman who already has experience in a feature projects, tv series, commercials and even of one musical production. She’s reliable and easily follows instructions, so we are happy to have her completing our production, casting and catering forces in assisting roles!

Charlotta Jalava

Runner / Catering

+358 40 7046220

We got to know Charlotta “Lotta” when having her participating in BBG Junior Program Spring 2019. Lotta’s growth during the program was incredible thanks to her determined attitude and willingness to work hard. During the Spring she gained experience in the catering department and is learning more and more of the production side now. Lotta is highly motivated, humble and never complains of the jobs given her – that’s something we love!

Viola Lydman

Production Intern

+358 44 0631774

We got to know Viola when having her participating in BBG Junior Program Spring 2019.  During the program she did well getting through many situations she earlier felt uncomfortable. Viola’s working pace is alert and speedy and she is determined to go towards new challenges. Viola just received her driver’s license which of course already opens new doors for her! Viola joins us by working first as an Intern in Production department – and who knows where next!

PS. As we all know the Spring has been very busy and even these newcomers are many already booked partly (or more) for the summer and early fall, but don’t worry there are open slots too!

So remember who you gonna call..!