BBG AD Bootcamp: Crash Courses to MMS

Movie Magic Scheduling courses in Spring 2024

Crash Course to MMS – Basics

Saturday 27th April 2024 – from 9:30 to 16:30 (GMT +2:00) – please note changed date!

Crash Course to MMS – Advanced

Sunday 28th April 2024 – from 9:30 to 16:30 (GMT +2:00) – please note changed date!

Diving into the technicalities of breaking down and scheduling a script in Movie Magic Scheduling software. Basics course covers the main features of the software while the advanced course will look closer into customising of the reports, strips and file itself besides introducing more advanced or production specific tools available.

Basics course will cover for the following topics:

  • breakdown sheet, stripboard, boneyard, calendar, reports, red flags, days out of days
  • starting up a new project
  • importing a script
  • adding data to breakdown sheet
  • creating, editing, deleting, linking and merging elements
  • moving strips from / to boneyard
  • sorting strips
  • creating banner strips
  • adding day breaks and auto day breaks
  • managing strip boards
  • managing calendars
  • adding, editing and deleting red flags
  • going through software templates of strip layouts and report layouts
  • exporting / printing PDF’s (software report templates, DOOD’s)

Advanced course will cover for the following topics:

  • category manager, element properties, strip layouts, report layouts, designer settings, category manager, red flag manager, image manager, find, find advanced
  • customising and managing element categories (eg. adding / deleting categories)
  • customising element settings (eg. assigning board ID’s, adding element properties)
  • customising and managing red flags (eg. adding / deleting red flags)
  • editing / customising strip layouts (eg. customising colors, adding element categories)
  • editing day breaks (eg. adding / deleting est. time)
  • editing / customising report layouts (eg. report including details of multiple performer categories: cast, minor roles, featured extras, background actors…) 
  • customising production based reports (eg. report including shooting dates, days, scenes and locations per element – stunt, animal etc.)
  • importing and exporting strip and report layouts
  • customising DOOD’s (eg. changing page set ups and abbreviations)
  • find and find advanced-tools (eg. creating chronological strip boards per element (cast member, location etc.)
  • using image manager (eg. adding images)


Both courses are led by BBG’s Assistant Director Aino Niemi. Aino has soon been working with MMS on a daily basis for 10 years. She’s worked on multiple international co-productions as the Key 2nd AD as well as lectured of her work in Sweden and Switzerland besides Finland. Get to know Aino’s working history better via this link.


Basics course is suitable for all upcoming filmmakers or workers who wish to freshen up their skills with MMS. Advanced course fits better to those who already have used MMS for a while or who have participated the basics course prior.

Both courses will be held as hybrid courses – both live in Helsinki city centre as well as online through a video link. Daily schedule is 9:30 to 16:30 (GMT+2:00) including 1 hour lunch break.

Our teaching language will be determined by the participants – please choose your preference when signing up!

BBG will not have spare software licenses for the participants. We’re welcoming participants either with their own software and a computer or on a lecture based participation without a software. Please however keep in mind that contents of the courses do include time for participants to try out using the tools themselves.

Participation fees:

Participant typeFee per courseFee for both courses
Filmmaker95 € (incl. VAT)180 € (incl. VAT)
Student70 € (incl. VAT)120 € (incl. VAT)
BBG’s members*35 € (incl. VAT)60 € (incl. VAT)
Company representative150 € (incl. VAT)280 € (incl. VAT)

*For BBG’s agency members participation is free.

For participants joining more than one BBG AD Bootcamp courses or more in the spring 2024 we offer 10% discount of the total course fees. For participants joining all courses in the spring 2024 we offer 25% discount of the total course fees.

We’re invoicing course fee(s) from all participants 2 weeks prior the workshops. Until then we’re offering free cancellation. Ask for a partial payment plan if needed.