BBG and the busy summer 2017

In case you haven’t noticed yet, we’ve been quite busy through spring and now also all June.

Every single one of us has some projects going on during this summer and many of us are fully booked until August or further. Our office will be pretty much closed on July, but few of us still have some free slots here and there for shorter projects after the Midsummer celebrations. Here’s a brief summery of what we are doing during the summer 2017 – feature films, commercials, adventure to Norway, festivals..! Sounds like an exciting summer!

Iiris, Paula and Aija have started shooting Making Movies’ feature as 1st, 2nd and 3rd AD and they will head north to Kuusamo and Norway soon – waiting to see some cool travel pics from the road! Mökö the production dog is not taking part to the shoots this summer – instead she’ll be enjoying her holiday far away from the hectic office and set life. 

Mikko has just finished a TV show at YLE and is now working as a Production Coordinator on a feature film for Kinosto. Their shoot starts in the beginning of August when other gang members will join the crew: Hata and Aija as Catering Coordinators and Rosa as Stand By Props. Before that Rosa is doing a road trip to put her driving skills to a test since she just got her driver’s license – congrats Rosa! In the end of July Rosa is available for shorter gigs – so if you need a DRIVING Lighting Technician or Property Master, remember who to call..!

Maiju is booked for Zodiak Finland as a Script Supervisor for the summer. Reetta has just finished a feature film shoot for Yellow Film & TV and continues now with one for Pohjola-filmi as 2nd Assistant Camera. Kaisa has been working with several commercial productions for Cocoa Media Productions during the last weeks, but is also ready for other projects later on the summer.

Aino has been helping Duotone with their summer productions and in the beginning of July she will enjoy some festival fever while working on RuisRock After Movie. The rest of the month she’ll be spending on a holiday and will be available for work again in August with her batteries well charged for new opportunities! Vilma has also been working for Duotone as a Production Assistant but she is also busy finishing her driving school – in the fall we’ll have one more driving Production Assistant to save your emergencies! Good luck for the tests, Vilma!

Jaana is booked until the beginning of July for Directors Guild Ab as Production Assistant, but will be available for some shorter gigs in July.  Minna, the one that’s always booked, is working for Dionysos until end of this year as a Location Manager. And also Tuukka is still happily “stuck” with TBWA crew as a Producer until further notice.

Last but not least – Emma will have AN ACTUAL HOLIDAY on July! Now she’s still working at the office for one more week and is ready to help YOU solving any emergency needs in your productions. After that, our office will be pretty much closed through July and we might not read our emails that constantly (so in urgent matters please call or text!). But don’t worry, in the beginning of August we’re again armed and ready to serve you in our normal almost 24/7 style!

So happy Midsummer everyone! Enjoy your holidays and summer projects!