Another year, another Cannes

My second time at Cannes Film Festival was different to the one last year in many ways. But I also had the same feelings as last year. Everything new and unexpected makes you feel overwhelmed at first. The same situations you find yourself in again make you feel more comfortable and confident.

It was especially exciting was to work at ‘The Guardian Angel’ lounge event of Art Films Production. As I have worked with the production company before I was very happy to be able to help to organise it. I was familiar with the film and the project. I was very thrilled to see the premiere of the trailer at the event. Seeing people turning up and being amazed by the project, supporting it and generally having a good time felt special.

Just about  finishing university, networking felt more important than ever. I met nice and interesting people with whom I will stay in contact with after the festival. I also managed to get some valuable advice how to get my feature film financed. Cannes seems like such a great possibility to find new opportunities. It is an amazing way to learn about the industry and also about yourself. I feel like I have grown a lot comparing this Cannes to the one last year. I am excited to see what Cannes will bring next year!


Directors Assistant / 2nd Assistant Director