After months or (sometimes slower than anticipated) work we’ve today been ready to launch our updated website with SEVEN new kick-ass members! 

BBG 5.0 is ready to save your day in any film, tv, commercial or other audiovisual production when and wherever most needed – so remember who you gonna call..!

Julia Salmenoja is the Production Manager we’re been waiting to join our team. Julia has a wide and strong background on many production duties of all audiovisual productions. During the last years she’s been producing and production managing commercials for Hasan Motion and Klok as well as managing and coordinating features for Solar Films.

“When film crew makes the magic happen, when the words on paper become alive and start to move – then I feel I am alive too.” – Julia

Another woman with strong experience is Pauliina Talikka who joins as an Assistant Director and Production Staff Member. Besides working with directors, schedules and script breakdowns Pauliina is also a very talented Editor. Her latest films and TV series include Bordertown (2nd Assistant Director) and East of Sweden (Director’s Assistant). 

“Film and television industry is my true love and passion. I’m privileged to work in this demanding industry with such talented and ambitious people.” – Pauliina

Our new Production Staff member Ilona Hiltunen has also worked in Bordertown this fall but as an Production Coordinator instead. Before that we got to know her during production of The Unknown Soldier where she was Production Assisting through the whole film. 

“I see challenges as opportunities to develop and expand my skills in the field of film and TV production.” – Ilona

And when talking about these productions we shouldn’t miss Sofia Kouvo either who joins us as Costumer & Costume Designer while Kaisa is on maternity leave until next summer 2018! Sofia worked in The Unknown Soldier as Costume Assistant and on Bordertown as 2nd Assistant Costumer. She’s a talented seamstress as well and has background on making costumes for theatrical plays as well!

“I love my work. That’s why I face every project and challenge with passion and aim for perfection. Ready, set, sew!” – Sofia

And with a growing need for production assistants we couldn’t miss adding lovely Juulia Kalavainen to our gang. She’s quite new to the industry but has already worked on Puluboin ja Ponin leffa- feature boths as Director’s Assistant and Production Assistant. Besides her hands on attitude Juulia also understands art and vision as she’s occasionally directing and filming smaller video productions. 

“I am ambitious and precise by nature and have an ability to quickly recognize and separate the essential from inessential. Filmmaking is my passion and I have an endless desire and curiosity to learn more about the industry. ” – Juulia

And our Juniors are getting more and more experienced by the day! This fall we say hello to two new ones: first one being Elina Hakala who already has completed multiple internships in TV productions and film festivals. We look forward helping her out starting her career in the industry! 

“I’m a Production Assistant with adaptable personality and a can-do attitude. After being involved in a few television productions, I truly feel that I have found an interesting field to work in and to develop myself professionally.“ – Elina

And last but not least second one of our lovely Juniors: Saana Isometsä who’s joining our gang especially to help out in all festival marketings and events. Saana is studying in Metropolia University and will do her internship at Blockbusters Gang next spring focusing in festival events and marketing services. You can be sure to meet her in Cannes next May!

“My interest for events had it’s start in high school where I quickly noticed my personality and strengths in social situations often lead to great outcome when used right on event productions.” – Saana