Places that keep me creative

As anyone who’s been following our journey for the last years knows, when breaking down and scheduling scripts, I like to travel. That’s a moment when I can ease up, work at my own phase and experience places at a very special way. I can’t really explain it, but when walking in a new city with laptop and script in my bag, sitting to a place that feels good and putting my focus on the story… well, those are moments when even I, a practical 1st AD, become a bit emotional and artistic. Every breakdown I do is unique, not just by the script itself but also by the way I choose to do it. And travelling keeps my mind open, makes sure I do not fall on easy routines, but always consider the best possible option to make the breakdown for for this specific film.

This week it was all about one of my favorite cities, New York. Favorite might even be an understatement – there’s something that makes me and NYC come along very well, no matter how late in life we met to call it “my city”. But I kinda do already. To make my point, this is what I wrote when arriving here for the first time in 2016:

“New York greeted me with its peaceful pulse and broad streets. Although the place seems to just go on and on in each direction, with an endless array of new neighbourhoods, it still makes me feel very on top of things. It’s strange to walk around in a new, huge city without ever feeling lost. Its constant electricity is like a well-known bassline in my favorite club. I close my eyes, and I feel this city.”

Not only is NYC like a 2nd home to me with its atmosphere but it also has my good friends living in it. Luckily we had some time to meet up in the middle of my breakdown marathon. Even these few days ended up with late night discussions of film industry, plans for coming film festivals and ideas of new projects. This is something else that’s very important to me – constantly creating my mindset to fit international productions, not just Finnish or Scandinavian ones. 

Besides seeing old friends and having my time with the city I was extremely happy to meet up with a new friend. That’s special too – meeting a new director for the first time, but feeling like you’ve actually come across a friend. I bet this production will have some very special warmness in it. Excitedly waiting for that, as always. 

Now I’m returning to Helsinki for just over a week before my future meetings with Paris and Qingdao. Let’s see what they have to offer for these two breakdowns I’m working with.

– Iiris

1st Assistant Director / COO

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