Cannes Film Festival 2018 – starting week two

After spending a couple of beautiful days in Venice I’m more than excited to continue my trip to Cannes Film Festival 2018.

I’m participating the festival for the first time so I’m more than excited to see how such a big venue comes together. Mostly I’m waiting for the atmosphere when people who share an interest meet. I’m interested to learn more about film culture in different countries and hope to get to know new people from all around the world.

This year Blockbusters Gang got the impulse to go to this festival bigger than ever. BBG has rented an (awesome!!!) lounge to organize events for different kind of customers. We’ve hosted events for multiple clients such as Digital Sputnik, Kalevala World and Business Finland as well creating a party for some Finnish independent filmmakers.

Besides organizing the events BBG has boosted the Blockbusters Gang Festival Emergency Hotline. Hotline’s idea in a nutshell is to have a place to call when you have a festival related situation that you might want assistance with. Easiest way to for example get a fill in your crew for a day if you need one!

We still have our crew working in Cannes until Sunday and I’m looking forward to everything yet to come!


Production & Locations Staff