Cheerful summer greetings from Sandra!

You won’t be hearing any holiday greetings from me yet, but here’s a summery hello from the production of a lifestyle show instead!

This is already my fourth summer as I’m working for a Finnish tv show Suomen kaunein koti (a series that presents the most beautiful homes in Finland) and therefore I’ve had the chance to go through our country pretty much from bottom to top, and to see numerous Sokos and Scandic hotels. The generous breakfast buffets are gradually starting to lose their glory, and when I finally get a chance to fall asleep in my own bed – boy it happens in a blink of an eye!

In the end of August I will get my hands back on films again, but I must say this has been a refreshing alternative for the hectic life in the office!

Some years back I worked in a clothing store where enjoying work was considered as a sign of laziness or lack of concentration (an unwritten agreement that laughing and having fun was forbidden). Gladly, this summer job is everything but that!


Production Staff / Makeup Artist