Greetings from the headquarters!

While other members have fled to work in the woods or elsewhere in the world, I’ve been holding the fort here in Helsinki – and honestly didn’t succeed very well. Our office has flooded two times now and even mould was found, and therefore the premises have been pretty much unusable all summer.

So here is a typical example of BBG’s substitute HQ that pops up in different parks, cafes and beaches in Helsinki. Requirements: Laptop, business magazine and sunshine. So far very pleasantbureaus found!

Guarding the Helsinki base can often be quite lonely – though I’m starting to like seagulls and bees more and more everyday. Gladly there are real meetings too – many of them with team Volume as I’m involved in the new Finnish superhero film in development. But more about my part in that superpowery project later..!

Now I’m eagerly waiting for my fellow gang members to come back home and to hear about their adventures during summer. Until then, I’ll keep the flag high and try to avoid more disasters!  

Wishing you all the best possible grande finale of the summer,


CEO, Head of Marketing emma(a)

Twitter: @EmmaIlves